Every single person on your sales force has a different story: different strengths, different weaknesses, and different life experiences that have led them to where they are. So, how can you mentor and manage many different people and personalities?

What is competency management? In a learning management system, competency management is the system’s ability to connect various skill sets, learning events, and job roles to build employee training plans and monitor each individual’s learning progress. The competencies are personal capabilities that are demonstrated through measurable skills, abilities, personal attributes, and knowledge that can contribute to the enhanced employee performance and, eventually, to the organization’s and individual’s success. 

What is competency Assessment: By mastering competency assessments, you give yourself an important tool for examining where your sales force excels and where it has challenges. Competency assessment Houston encourage communication both ways between you and your team members and are aimed at showing tangible results and improvements in skill sets:

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• To begin, have each of your sales force team members evaluate themselves against a list compiled of competencies, illustrating their self-rating with examples of their work from the field.  • Once you have received the competency assessment Houston, goes through each employee in a one-on-one meeting, giving positive feedback on areas of strength and identifying skills that need to be improved.  • Work with each member of your sales force to make a concrete plan on how will learn or grow in this area. Whether they are receiving one-on-one or group coaching from a professional business coach, attending a workshop, or simply making a conscious effort to practice new skills in day-to-day interactions with customers.  • Set a second meeting for a month later to reassess how the employee is performing.

The hierarchies in competency management Houston allow you to define employee job roles that are specific, complete, and consistent across the affected association. This allows you to certify that employees possess required skills and that they are eligible for their job roles. It also gives users clear, specific, easily followed paths to advancement. At any one time, users can view what they still need in order to request, progress, or access training, which improves their competencies, and stay on a perfect training track that is centered on company needs. The company also benefits in improved employee retention. 

To sum up, with the plan, the goal, and the period defined, each member of your sales force now has the tools and motivation needed to improve skills and boost sales numbers in the process.

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