Hello Kitty Figurine Toys Short Movie for Children

hello-kitty-and-the-school-bus Watch serial Hello Kitty figurine toys Youtube short movie for children. Originally aimed at the pre-adolescent female market, the Hello Kitty product range has expanded and goes all the way from dolls, stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories, school supplies and stationery to purses, toasters, televisions, other home appliances, massagers, and [...]

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Printable Paper Clock Template

This is a simple paper clock craft that kids can use to practice telling time. We prepare a printable clock template for you to download and print in a white, thick [...]

Easy Paper Craft – Mini Zig-zag Music Instruments Book

Mini zig-zag music instruments book. Cut a strip of 2" paper into length of 12" to create the pages of your mini zig-zag book. Fold the strip of paper at every 2". Draw in [...]

The Cross – Handmade Paper Tole

Paper Tole is a craft kit. It is fun for all ages. Below is an easy example of paper tole craft. Paper tole is an art technique in which part or all of an image is raised [...]

Printable Cake Box Template

Create your own cake/pizza box. Below is easy tutorial and cake box template, free to download. To create this cake/pizza box, you will need a heavy paper or stock paper, [...]

Printable Valentine Pop-up Card Template

Valentine pop-up card. Valentine's Day is a day to express your love.  Make your own pop-up card  and give it to someone you love. [...]

Printable Valentine Card Craft, With Flowers

Valentine card with flowers. Say it with flowers, and make a heart shaped. This is an idea to help you celebrate Valentine's Day with your family, children or friends. [...]

DIY- Printable Triangle Box Pattern

The triangle box is perfect for gift box. It is fun, unique and very easy to make. Tutorial how to make triangle box To create this triangle box, you will need [...]

Printable Purple Photo Frame Template

This is a simple photo frame, and it is purple. You can make colorful photo frames. So, why don't you try it? [...]

Printable Cute Envelope Template

Making envelope is easy. Below is tutorial about how to make a beautiful envelope from gift wrap or any paper. Use your imagination to make an envelope to match a gift [...]

Printable Paper Bag Pattern

This is a paper bag craft tutorial. To create it, use this paper bag template/pattern available below. Decorate your box as you'd like. Use any materials to make this [...]