Candy Cane Reindeer

Making a Candy Cane Reindeer is a lot of fun especially for Christmas.
To make one Candy Cane Reindeer you will need :

  • two googly eyes( calling them that)
  • one candy cane
  • one chenille pipe cleaner (your choice of colors)
  • red pompom
  • ribbon
  • hot glue gun

Take your pipe cleaner and fold in half. Hook the hooked part of the candy cane and insert it in the fold of the pipe cleaner. Twist pipe cleaner twice and end with the pipe cleaners sticking up and away from the candy cane. Form into antler shapes. Glue pompom to the short end of the candy cane. Glue eyes above nose. Tie ribbon around the “neck” of the reindeer in a bow. All done and kids love them!!

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