Printable Bird House Template

printable bird house template
printable bird house template

Make your own bird house. Use printable bird house template available here. Help the kids to cut the pattern, expecially for the hole. And let them decorate their bird house.

To create this cake box, you will need:

  • heavy weight paper or card stock
  • a pencil
  • scissor
  • cutter
  • cutting mat
  • metal ruler
  • glue or strong adhesive
  • double tape
Cut out each of the corners. Carefully fold and stick the lid together. Finally, decorate the box as you’d like.

Download and print image below. For bigger or smaller bird house size, please use any image editing software.

printable bird house template
printable bird house template

Tape crafts for kids

Printable Valentine Heart Box Template

Printable Valentine Heart Box Template
Printable Valentine Heart Box Template

Here is Valentine activities idea for you.

Project name: Valentine heart box.


Cut out the pattern on the solid lines. Fold on the dotted lines. Decorate or stamp side panels and both hearts. Glue folded flaps in place. Fill the box with candies, nuts, or tiny toys.

Download the printable pattern here.

Printable Valentine Heart Box Template
Printable Valentine Heart Box Template

If you’d prefer a bigger box, you can use a bigger size paper. Use image editing program to resize the template to the size you want.

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Printable Baby Sleeping Door Hanger Template

printable door hanger template
printable door hanger template

This is an easy kids craft idea to make door hangers from paper. Make your own door hanger designs with these Door Hangers templatesPrint out the door hanger template on a single sheet. And then cut it out. Carefully cut around the outline of the door hanger, and then cut the center area. Fill in the blank area on each side with the decoration you want. For the better result, laminate the door hanger.

These are examples of the words you can use:

Sssh! Baby’s sleeping!
Baby Girl sleeping
Baby Boy sleeping
Baby is sleeping! Quiet please.

Printable Calendar 2009 US Holidays – Craft Ideas For Kids

calendar us holidays 2009

Improve your child’s imagination with this Printable Calendar 2009 US Holidays. Don’t let your children sit in front of the television and doing nothing. Encourage them to drawing with this fun activities.


The pdf files will be fit in A4 paper size. Download and print them, and let their imagination run wild. You will be proud to hang this calendar on your wall, or create a table calendar for your office desk.

Download Printable Calendar 2009 US Holidays for free: Continue reading “Printable Calendar 2009 US Holidays – Craft Ideas For Kids”

How To Choose A Good Christian School

christian school

Christian education should be high-quality education. The Bible would be one of their textbooks. While checking out the schools, you should visit the classrooms to know about the quality of education. You should look what is on the walls, because the walls speak even when nobody there for that day. Look for the walls and bulletin boards of the classrooms, do they drip with student works, the Bible verse, or with teacher-produced materials? Do you see evidence that this school is a Christian school? Do you feel the evidence that students are being called to joyful obedience to Jesus Christ? Do you feel that they are learning the Christian values and life skills? Or is it just the same with any other school? Continue reading “How To Choose A Good Christian School”