How To Choose a Daycare Program for Your Child

Working parents of pre-school children who struggle to balance their careers and childcare may opt for child daycare Desoto TX. Before choosing a program for your child, consider the following.


A state or federal license will ensure that a program meets the minimum requirements to operate and undergoes routine compliance inspections.

Adequate Supervision

It is necessary to ensure that a daycare program has the appropriate number of adults to supervise children at all times. For example, one adult should not oversee more than three infants or six toddlers at once. Small groups ensure that children are safe and receive physical, emotional and social benefits.

Background Checks

Adults who work in daycare centers must undergo background checks with fingerprinting. All full-time teachers and caregivers, janitorial and administrative staff and part-time employees and volunteers must meet this requirement.

Enrichment and Education

The best daycare programs will promote children’s growth and development. Programs that offer basic academic learning and socialization and promote self-esteem can help children flourish and prepare them for formal schooling.


Toddlers and pre-school children are at an age when testing boundaries is critical to their socialization, but they may require frequent corrections. A reputable daycare program respects this aspect of children’s development and avoids using negative forms of discipline that could frighten or embarrass them.

Healthcare and Safety

Some children have allergies and medical needs, and most will eventually experience some injuries as they navigate and explore their surroundings. Before enrolling your child in a daycare program, it is essential to understand its first aid policy and methods to minimize the risk of serious injury to the children under its care.

Special Needs

Children have unique physical, emotional, dietary, and other developmental requirements. Parents who have concerns about their children’s specific needs must confirm that a daycare program can accommodate them before enrolling their children.

Adequate research can ensure that your child gets the full benefit of a daycare experience. 

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