Fashion Fur Gilet: Nothing On Earth Compares To the Real Thing

Make no mistake, ladies; there is absolutely no substitute for a genuine fur garment. Faux fur may be trendy, but that’s all this chemical fluff is about. A real fur item is the ideal game changer in a woman’s wardrobe. The material is timeless, a classic and proper for every occasion under the sun. Fur even looks fab with silky pajamas or if you’re wearing nothing at all.

Today’s modern fur garments are a wonderful fashion investment and affordable. You don’t have to purchase a full-length sable to live the luxe lifestyle. In fact, celebrities and non-celebrities alike have turned to the versatility and good looks of a fur gilet and/or fur poncho. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Hurley, Rihanna, Pippa Middleton, Kim Kardashian West, Nicole Richie and many other style setters own this fashion garment and wear it on and off the red carpet.

These sumptuous fur pieces radiate class and sophistication and can be worn to work, on holiday, hanging out on the weekend or to a formal affair. There is no wrong way to wear genuine fur, and it is the perfect answer to those cool, chilly days and evenings. In fact, these lighter garments are right for every season.

The fur gilet is the best layering piece for your ensemble and can work in multiple ways, adding depth, interest and new texture to your wardrobe. The gilet (sleeveless) is available in different lengths in short, near the waist and also in long, by the mid-thigh. There are also hooded gilets for an added toasty comfort.

The gilet can be layered over a ski parka or under one. You can also team a gilet with long sleeves, short or bell sleeves, or go bare-armed in a high-glam way. The gilet works with jeans, a gown, sweats, shorts; just use your fashion imagination.

Fur has come a long way in the methods of enhancement for the modern woman. For example, a gilet in genuine fur is offered these days in a luscious color palette to select from. These fur garments are carefully and brilliantly dyed in amazing shades like pastel pink or blue. There are also red furs and others in the classic white, black, gray, brown and camel colors that match with every item in your wardrobe.

A fur gilet is also known for its silky softness and gloss and its touchable texture. The loveliest gilets are offered in fox, coney, a combination of both and also in sheepskin gilet like the Toscana shearling variety. Either of these would make for the perfect outdoor walking companion because when you’re wearing genuine fur, heads turn, you’re protected from the changing temperatures, and you look uber stylish instantly. If you’re afraid you cannot afford fur, think again. You can purchase one of these fab fur garments and still not break your budget. When tender loving care is used with fur cleaning and storage, these fashionable garments live on for practically forever.

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