Finding a New Hobby: Where to Start

Whether you are retired, finding yourself with some extra free time or just looking to add to your personal skills and experiences, finding a new hobby is an exciting and healthy way to liven up your everyday life. There are hundreds of hobbies to choose from but here are three easy hobbies to start picking up right now. Many hobbies are free to very low cost!


There are thousands of different arts and crafts to explore and practice in the world. Whether you have a natural knack for art and creative thinking or not, so many arts and crafts can be refined with practice and patience. Consider meandering into a local craft store Long Beach CA and looking at all the different crafts and arts available to you. Whether it is painting or jewelry making, photography or macramé, pottery or knitting, there is always something new to play with and discover for your next hobby.

Active Activities

While sports are always a hobby you can pick up, there are lots of other hobbies that keep you active and your body moving but without having to necessarily do a team sport. Consider activities like snow shoeing or standup paddle-boarding, disc golf or pickle-ball, water aerobics or dancing of any kind, geocaching or hiking. By finding a hobby that keeps your body moving, you will find the health benefits of increased movement and a new skill to keep your mind working.


Maybe you want to spend time and energy into developing a large or unique collection of items. The list of potential collections you could start is great but think currency, stamps, rocks, antiques, art, books or even experiences. If you love to travel, then consider trying to find a specific item you can find in most places you travel to pick up and bring home to make an entertaining or a nice conversational piece.

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