Items to Keep Your End-of-School-Day Procedures Safe

school sign
School Sign

As the principal or other staff member of a school in charge of safe dismissal procedures, it’s your job to ensure the children leaving the school are taken care of. This doesn’t just mean they head out the door on time. It also means they are able to get to the right bus, the right car, the right crosswalk or the right parent so they get home safely. The following are some must-have items to keep your end-of-day procedures running smoothly and safely.

Backpack Tags

There may be a lot of kids at your school and a lot of methods they use to get home at the end of the day. When you implement personalized back to school backpack tags New Jersey, you can keep track of which child should be in which line. Multiple buses? Be sure you put the bus number on the bus line tag. You can also write a name on a backpack car line tag, as well as a car line sign to be sure each child is matched to the right car.

Traffic Safety Signs

In most areas, the city puts up signs that direct traffic to drive safely around a school. There’s a possibility you don’t have as much signage as you need to keep your kids safe. Custom traffic signs could be your answer.

Crosswalk Safety Items

If the streets surrounding your school already have crosswalks painted on them, that’s great! It’s not enough, however. You should have a crossing guard at each crosswalk to ensure your children get across safely. You should also be sure there are cones on the crosswalk, and that the crossing guard has a large enough stop sign to get noticed. Your guard should also have a reflective vest for his or her own safety while going back and forth.

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