Printable Cute Envelope Template

DIY - Printable Envelope Pattern
DIY – Printable Envelope Pattern

Making envelope is easy. Below is tutorial about how to make a beautiful envelope from gift wrap or any paper. Use your imagination to make an envelope to match a gift size exactly.

How to Make Envelope

Print this pattern and make your own 4.331″ x 4.331″ envelope (you can resize the envelope template using any image editing software). Or, print the basic envelope pattern and color it as you like.

Download and print this ready made envelope template.

Printable Envelope Cat Template
Printable Envelope Cat Template

Or download this blank envelope template.

Blank Envelope Pattern
Blank Envelope Pattern
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  1. Super cute idea for those adorable hand made greeting cards and thank you notes! Even Birthday invites. I will leave a link to this project on my website for my customers to use, Thank you for sharing.
    C. Whitney

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